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2024 Annual Honors

Citizen of the Year 2024


Merchant of the Year 2024


Previous Winners

Year Citizen of the Year Merchant of the Year
2024 TBA TBA
2023 Michael Leibowitz BMW of the Main Line
2022 Fay Wright Maki-San
2019 Heather Exley Pescatore
2018 Jake Colman Trail’s End Cafe
2017 Officer James Black Main Line Auto Center
2016 Anthony Benedict Saffron Indian Kitchen
2015 Robert Gray John Studdy, Arborist Representative, Bartlett Tree Experts
2014 Robert Zimmerman Shane Coleman and Doug Shonrock, The Cynwyd Club
2013 Phyllis Faber Kelley Hedy Cerwinka and Sara Pevaroff Schuh, Bala Cynwyd Farmers Market
2012 Selene George Francis B. Keilt, President, The Woman’s Club of Bala Cynwyd
2011 Samuel W. Rennix Alexander L. (Pete) Hoskins, President & CEO, West Laurel Hill Cemetery Company
2010 Thomas J. Shallow Joseph & George Wakim, Al Dar Bistro
2009 Gerald A. Francis Isaak V. Sotolidis, Bala Pizza
2008 Bill Swyer Chef Charin
2007 Phillip Rodbell Al McCarthy, Valley Press
2006 Former Past Presidents Micholas Zarvalas, The New Tavern, Restaurant & Bar
2005 Reverend Arthur E. Rodgers Maria Scavitto, Boston Style Pizza at Merion
2004 David Sonenshein
2003 Lita Cohen
2002 Dr. David W. Magill
2001 Carl A. & James F. Homung
1998 Boy Scout Troop Bala 1
1997 Ted Goldsborough

Special Annual Honors have been presented on occasion by the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd’s Board of Directors as follows:

Friend of Bala Cynwyd: William V. Hearn

Lifetime Achievement: Jerry Francis

Lifetime Achievement: Pamela DeLissio