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Overview of Development in Bala Cynwyd

Whether you’ve lived in Bala Cynwyd a few months or several decades, you’ve no doubt noticed that apartment buildings have gone up, retail outlets have been added, and roads, trails and amenities have been updated. Some of the projects are welcomed by residents while others cause worry. To help you understand what is in the pipeline, we offer the following brief overview, with links for more information

Development Summary NCBC

Lower Merion Active Transportation Survey

Lower Merion Township is in the process of trying to better understand community concerns related to pedestrian infrastructure through its Active Transportation Plan. In furtherance of this, LMT has put out a survey on Active Transportation which includes the ability to suggest location-specific improvements on a map.

This is a great opportunity to voice your concerns to the township in a way that they will be able to use in the near future to improve our local pedestrian and vehicular landscape.


Upcoming Public Meetings

Affecting Residential and Commercial Development in Bala Cynwyd.
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Our Last Meeting

February Board Meeting

Meeting Date: 02/06/2024
Meeting Location: Levering Mill Tribute House, 382 Bala Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA (formerly Women’s Club of Bala Cynwyd)

Please download the meeting Agenda and Minutes to see what happened at our last meeting.

Join us at our next meeting

3/05/2024 – March Board Meeting

The agenda will be added closer to the date of the meeting. Please check back.

Meeting Location: Levering Mill Tribute House, 382 Bala Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA (formerly Women’s Club of Bala Cynwyd)

Upcoming Bala Cynwyd Events

Upcoming events located in and around Bala Cynwyd
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Bala Cynwyd Local Stories

Our Mission

The mission of the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd is to strengthen the social, cultural and economic fabric of our diverse community by promoting civic engagement, preserving the historic character of our residential neighborhoods, protecting our remaining open space, and enhancing the viability of our commercial corridors.

The NCBC is recognized as one of the most effective and well-respected civic associations in Lower Merion. With the support of Bala Cynwyd residents and local businesses, we strive to represent the interests of our community during public meetings on residential and commercial development projects.

Welcome to The Neighborhood Club of
Bala Cynwyd

Message from our President

NCBC has historically been recognized as one of the most effective and highly respected Civic Associations in Lower Merion. As we build on our past successes, we strive to be more inclusive and representative of our diverse community. We are committed to shaping commercial and residential development so that it preserves and improves our high quality of life without exacerbating problems like overcrowding, traffic congestion, and excessive urbanization of our suburban community. This is done both through advocacy efforts and educating our members about land development and other issues affecting our community through this website, newsletters, email communications and regular monthly meetings that are open to everyone in our community. Our website has been designed as a community resource to be visited frequently and to encourage both old and new residents to join us in our important work. We welcome you.

Please Join and Support Us

NCBC President